Flash Dance Fairy

by St.Parker

(Note to the reader: 98% of the story on this page is more or less true.)

As a rule, I am a firm believer in “live and let live” but, as with everything there is a point where you have to take steps to protect your family and yourself.

Not to long ago, Gwen, the children and I were over run by moths. I have no problem with one or two of the little creatures flying around, but it had reached a point where you had to fight your way into the bathroom. My first response was to break out the citronella candles and oil. It had no effect.

So it came to pass that we went to the local hardware store and procured a ‘bug zapper’ and put it up outside between the kitchen and bathroom windows. That first night, our son (age six) thought he had his own personal fireworks show.

A few days after the ‘bug zapper’ was put up, the moth problem stopped being an all out war, the sound of ‘zap’ ‘zap’ ‘zap’ fadded and Gwen and I decieded to sit outside and watch the night sky. We had been outside for sometime when we we heard a ‘zap’ that seemed to go on forever. Then the air was filled with a smell I can only associate with that of burning hair. Gwen and I looked at each other and then got up to go see what had happened.

As we neared the ‘bug zapper,’ we saw a glow in the grass below it. Gwen said, “It must have been a big one.” It was then that we noticed a female fairy with frizzed hair and a wisp of smoke rising from her right wing. As we watched in silent shock, the fairy shook her head, smoothed her hair, blew out the flame on her wing, and the then with what could only be called a teenage giggle, she jumped into the air and flew away.

Gwen and I looked at each other and Gwen said, “perhaps we should put up a warning sign.”