The Wheel of the Year :: Southern Hemisphere

Samhain: April 30/May 1

This is the time of the thin Veil or Communion with the dead, the ruling time of the Crone aspect of the Goddess.

Yule: June 21/22

Time of the Goddess of the Cold Darkness and the birth of the Divine Child, the reborn Sun God. A time of rebirth and the turning of the earth force tides.

Imbolc: August 1

First stirrings of Mother Earth; spring cleaning; time of cleansing and purification; preparation for growth and renewal. A festival of the Triple Goddess Brigit, whose breath gave life to the dead.

Ostara: September 21/22

Balance of light and dark. Sowing time in the north; earth cycle of plant and animal fertility, spell producing, new beginnings.

Beltane: October 31/November 1

Time of the Horned God and the Lady of the Greenwood; honor of the house guardian.

Litha: December 21/22

Rededication to the Lord and Lady. The time when the Sun casts three rays to light the world.

Lughnassadh: February 1

The turning point in Mother Earth’s year; a harvest festival in the northern lands. The waning God, and the waxing Goddess. Spellwork for good fortune and abundance is exspecially appropriate.

Mabon: March 21/22

Balance of light and dark. Time of rest after labor. completion of the harvest, thanksgiving. A good time for meditation on reincarnation in preparation for Samhain.