Self Blessing Ritual

by Kayote Wolfrose

This ritual should be performed during the new moon, but it is not limited to that phase. Need, not season, determines the performance. There is real power in the Self Blessing; it should not be used other than in time of need and should not be done promiscuously.

The purpose of the ritual is to bring the individual into closer contact with Deity. It can also be used as a minor dedication when a person who desires dedication has no one to perform the Rite. This self blessing ritual may also be used as a cleansing ritual. It may be performed by any person upon her/himself, when she/he feels the need.

Perform the ritual in a quiet place, free from distractions, and nude. This priestess has found that performing the ritual as part of a bath works very well indeed especially when it is a cleansing ritual. You will need the following:

  • Salt, about one quarter teaspoon.
  • Wine, about an ounce.
  • Water, about one-half ounce.
  • Candle, votive or other.

The result of the ritual is a feeling of peace and calm. It is desirable that the participant bask in the afterglow to meditate and understand that as a singular being she/he has called the attention of Deity to herself/himself, asking to grow closer to Deity in both goals and in wisdom.

When you are ready to begin, sprinkle the salt on the floor and stand on it, lighting the candle. Let the warmth of the candle be absorbed into the body. Mix the water into the wine, meditating upon your reasons for performing the self-blessing. If doing ritual as a bath, draw a warm bath, pour the salt into the water, relax yourself into the tub, then light the candle and follow the rest as described above.

Read the following aloud:
Bless me, Mother for I am Thy child.

Dip the fingers of the right hand into the mixed water and anoint the eyes:
Blessed Be my eyes, that I may see Thy path.

Anoint the nose:
Blessed Be my nose, that I may breathe Thy essence.

Anoint the mouth:
Blessed Be my mouth, that I may speak of Thee.

Anoint the breast:
Blessed Be my breast, that I may be faithful in my works.

Anoint the loins:
Blessed Be my loins, which bring forth the Life of humanity as Thou hast brought forth all creation.

Anoint the feet:
Blessed Be my feet, that I may walk in Thy ways.

Remain and meditate for a while. Consider what has been said, yourself, the Lady, and the Gods. If done as a cleansing and a bath visualize everything that was just cleansed from you draining away from you along with the water.

Remember, you can not initiate yourself into something your not already a member of but, Self Dedication is between you and Deity, let no one ever tell you it’s not valid! The path you walk is your own not to be judged by anyone who doesn’t walk it.