The Elements

by Gwen Wolfrose

I am not going to address the issue of what direction which element belongs to on this page as it is much debated. Some say Air is in the East and some know it belongs in the North. I say use whatever works best for you or whatever your heart tells you is right.

Air (masculine)

Air is the unpredictable realm of the mind. It is related to the intellect, study, astral travel, communication, music and sound, weather magick, and power raising.

Associated with: Athame, Sword, Incense, Earrings, Broom, copper and the suit of swords of the Tarot.

Itís time is dawn

Fire (masculine)

Fire is the realm of transformation and passion. It is related to protection, exorcism and banishing, sex and sex magick, work, purification, divination, masculine power, personal energy and strength, the Lord, and candle magick.

Associated with: Candle, Balefire, Wand, Bracelets, gold and the suit of wands of the Tarot.

Itís time is midday

Water (feminine)

Water is the realm of the psychic, the dream world. It is related to children, childbirth, pregnancy, inner transformation, purification, emotional healing, romantic love, manifesting, most spell work, death and rebirth, past-lives, and new beginnings.

Associated with: Cup, Cauldron, Bowl, Goblet, Rings, silver and the suit of cups of the Tarot.

Itís time is dusk

Earth (feminine)

Earth is the realm of stability, growth, and of the Lady. It is related to fertility, prosperity, grounding and centering, money, dance, motherly love, planting and harvesting, the home, and herds and pets.

Associated with: Disk, Pentacle, stone, clay, salt, gems, plants, pentagram, necklace, bronze and the suit of pentacles of the Tarot.

Itís time is midnight

Spirit (no gender)

A fifth element is Spirit, usually called Aether. Spirit is in and of all the elements, and it transcends them. Spirit is the unifying force that animates all the other elements. Spirit is sometimes represented by the cord often worn around a witches robe.