The Witch Haven eBook of Shadows

Universal Witch

(from the original 1997 website)

“She does not follow any particular tradition, also known as Eclectic. She learns and studies from many magickal systems and applies those to her practice which work best. You might find her in her sacred space calling upon the Universe for help in her magickal workings.”

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What is a Book of Shadows?

A Book of Shadows (called by some a Grimoire) is traditionally a book of instructions in the use of magic, a collection of rituals, spells, lore, songs, and invocations. It may also have information on divination and magickal correspondences.

Here you will find a collection of information, some like The Charge Of The Goddess is traditional Wicca, and others like The Charge of the Beeotch are more eclectic in nature.

If you are new to the Witch path (or even if you have been riding a broom for a few years now), we recommend reading a good WitchCraft 101 type of work first. The Craft Grimoire of Eclectic Magick is just such a work, presenting an over view of the subject and tools.

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